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Nambiyattukudy Group is marketing their products under the brand name `PAVIZHAM' which is well accepted by the consumers in the market. Now this venture has a very strong, result oriented, dynamic and target achieving marketing wing under the direct supervision of Mr. N.P. George and Mr. N.P. Antony.

Today, the Pavizham products has become the numero uno in this segment. This position has been achieved through the hardwork of our Production as well as the enthusiastic marketing strategies of our Marketing Team. In Kerala, our products have been top sellers in the Districts of Trivandrum, Quilon, Pathanamthitta, Alleppey, Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam and Kozhikode. While there has been significant increase in the sakes, turnover in other Districts of Kerala and even in the neighbouring States of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the turnover in the nine Districts mentioned has been at an all time high. We wish to not only become the top sellers in the other districts too but at the same time effect further increase in sales in the nine districts also. We are aware that all major rice dealers in the above Districts are getting rice from the Nambiyattukudy Group because of the superior quality maintained for the products throughout the year to meet the required standard of the consumers. The management plans to still increase the quality of the products in order to attract the best client who deals in rice and rice products. Simultaneously, the Group also intends to bring in new technology and new Machines for the processing of paddy and hulling of boiled paddy, thereby keeping the Vitamin contents in rice.

We are aware that in these days when the consumers tend to look for more quality even if it be at a little higher price, the scope to excel in providing to the consumer the best quality of products impel us to continue our onward march to realize our true potential. In this quest we seek the camaraderie and comradership of discerning and result oriented Dealers in all areas. We are looking for such Dealers who, imbibed with the best professional values, also putting shoulder to shoulder with us, take the Pavizam Brand the most sought after brand in this segment.

We invite Rice Dealers from various parts of Kerala and abroad to be a part of our dealer network. If you are interested to become a Dealer for "PAVIZHAM RICE" kindly contact our Marketing Division and they will help you to be a PAVIZHAM RICE Dealer. The prosperity to the Marketing network is widely opened for the Public. You can be one among this network through the purchase of PAVIZHAM products.


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