About Us

Pavizham   is the umbrella brand name of rice and rice products produced in 14 different industries at Aimury in Koovapady Village. The brand is being promoted by the marketing outfit of the company by name Pavizham Healthier Diet Pvt. Ltd. The company has a wide range of products that include Tamarind, Salt, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil etc. The company is today led by the Patriarch of the Nambiattukudy Family Mr. N P George, the Chairman and Mr. P Antony, the Managing Director. The visionary Mr.Pappachan was a revolutionary in the rice milling field who wanted to employ new and best technology available in the world. After his demise the baton was passed on to his sons and their mother. The brothers through innovative ideas, uncompromising quality, humanistic approach based on Christian Values built up a rice milling empire. Today the company uses state-of-art machinery imported from China, co-gen power plant, and waste water treatment plant based on CSIR technology.

The brand has today carved a niche in the minds of millions of Malayalees across the world by delivering the traditional taste by selection, processing and above all making it affordable. The high-end technology also enables preservation of the nutritional value of rice.

The brand reaches out through a massive network to the nook and corners of the state so also to countries in Europe, Africa and Us. The company uses its own fleet of vehicles for distribution and connects with more than 3000 retailers spread across the state and also metros like Mumbai and Delhi.

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MD's Message

“For over two decades we have been providing the Malayalees world over their favorite rice, the double boiled Matta rice, the Kuthari as it is widely acclaimed. At Pavizham rice milling is not yet another business activity but a mission of life; the mission to provide quality rice at an affordable price. Our involvement in the process, spans from sowing to harvesting and to milling that is to say from the farm to factory. Here we don’t assess quality by lab tests. The entire mill knows that we pick up the same rice for our families from the central store, so also for hundreds of our employees. This simple step ensures the impeccable quality of our rice. Our quality is ensured not by any designated department, but by hundreds of people who are behind our entire production process. That fistful of rice you hold is the result of the dedicated hard work of those hundreds whom you may have never seen. Hold it closer to your hearts you can hear their heart beats, feel their care and love for you. For you they are faceless but they see your face in each of the grain that passes through their hands.

Mr. N P GeorgeMr. N P Antony

I & my brother were not privileged to have formal education from Business Schools. We learned it from our father who taught us, it is quality of your product that ensures your sustainable market presence, not marketing. He also taught us that the best way to take care of business is by taking care of the men who toil for you. We went ahead clinging on to these seemingly simple principles, though hard it was, they led us on and made us what we are today.

“We believe that we are simple rural folks shepherded by HIM. We have no glory except that of HIS.”